The LabEx MiChem

The contemporary world faces several key challenges in the fields of health, the environment and energy. Chemistry, a central discipline among the material sciences, plays a key role in innovation and makes a significant contribution to the scientific, technological and societal progress of the future.

From physical science to biology, all major scientific disciplines increasingly rely on the properties of functional molecules to understand, imagine and build more complex structures. This molecular approach therefore remains the tool of choice for solving a wide range of problems, such as the design and preparation of new molecules with therapeutic properties, eco-compatible industrial production processes, or tools for the control of alternative energy sources to fossil fuels.

In addition to the usual division between theory and experimentation, chemistry is usually compartmentalized into sub-disciplines and in some cases remains too far removed from the physical, biological or other properties of the object being synthesized.

The ambition of the "MiChEm" project is to go beyond this dispersed approach, and to enter a new era of chemical design: "Multiscale Integrated Chemistry". This LabEx is the result of the merger of 7 establishments and 14 laboratories. Since its inception, LabEx has supported 48 research projects and state-of-the-art equipment.