Labex MiChem's governance consists of two committees: the Executive Committee and the Scientific Committee.

Executive Committee or ComEx

The Executive Committee is responsible for the operational management of the project and the implementation of the recommendations of the Scientific Committee.

The ComEx is headed by the Director of LabEx, Matthieu Sollogoub, and Christophe Petit, the Deputy Director. It brings together the managers of the transversal axes of LabEx, including the person in charge of the training component and the manager.

The Executive Committee meets every three months and is chaired by the Scientific Coordinator.


  • Matthieu SOLLOGOUB - Directeur du LabEx (IPCM-UMR 8232)
  • Christophe PETIT - Directeur Adjoint du LabEx (MONARIS - UMR 8233)
  • Ludovic BELLOT-GURLET (MONARIS - UMR 8233)
  • Bernold HASENKNOPF (IPCM-UMR 8232)
  • Jan LÜNING (LCPMR-UMR 7614)
  • Olivier PARISEL (LCT-UMR 7616)
  • Anna PROUST (IPCM-UMR 8232)
  • François ROCHET (LCPMR-UMR 7614)


  • Atika BENTAYEB - Gestionnaire administrative et financière
  • Emmanuel SAUTJEAU - Chargé de communication (mail)

Scientific Committee or ComSci

The ComSci brings together representatives of the partner laboratories involved in the project and ensures the successful development of LabEx's action.

It translates the recommendations of the Strategy Committee into actions, proposes the procedures for selecting projects within the framework of calls for projects while respecting the principle of using external expertise, and proposes to the Executive Committee a list of projects to be financed.It is in charge of the scientific animation of MiChem and meets 3 times a year. Its president is elected by the ComSci on the proposal of one of its members proposed by the ComEx.The ComSci is currently being renewed (Oct. 2018).