Présentation de Natalia Del Rio

Cyclodextrin Encapsulated Gold(I) Complexes: a Confined System for Highly Efficient and Selective Processes

N. Del Río1, D. Lesage1, O. Bistri1, M. Sollogoub1, L. Fensterbank1, V. Mouriès-Mansuy1

(1) Sorbonne Université Science, UMR CNRS 8232, Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire, 4 place Jussieu, 75005 Paris, France.


Nowadays, selectivity in chemical reactions is a must especially in atom-economical processes that are crucial for environmental concerns. Gold(I) catalysis has recently emerged as a very fecund and selective methodology in a wide range of reactions, and as allowed the development of new regio-1 and enantioselective2 chemical processes with high atom efficiency and low energy demand.
Encapsulating a reactive centre in a cavity with a defined and specific shape is an efficient way to promote selectivity in catalytic processes. This can result in reaction pathways that are different from those of the free catalyst, leading to remarkably enhanced selectivity of the caged catalysts compared to their non-encapsulated analogues. In this context, our groups have evaluated the cavity effect provided by ?-cyclodextrin NHC-Gold(I) complex (figure 1) in terms of regioselectivity and asymmetric induction in a series of gold-catalysed transformations.3 The behaviour of the catalyst in known reactions is indicative of strong ?-acceptor properties).

Figure 1. [?-ICyDAuCl] complex
Figure 1. [?-ICyDAuCl] complex
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