Hydride Toolbox conference - 12-15 December 2016

The goal of the event is to bring together experts in molecular physics (gas phase & solid phase ; theory & experiments), theoretical and numerical modelling, and astronomical observations, in order to review our current knowledge of interstellar hydrides, benchmark their diagnostic capabilities, and expand the validation domain from the local universe to distant systems. The sessions will be organized with introductory review talks, and ample time for contributed talks and poster presentations.


Internet website : http://hydride-toolbox.sciencesconf.org

Important dates :

  • Registration : June 1st - October     10th
  • Abstract submission : June 1st - September 30th
  • Payment : June 15th - October     10th
  • Subvention requests : June 1st - September 30th

The LOC has secured a small budget for travel grants to subsidize student participation to the conference. To apply for these grants, please send to hydride-toolbox@sciencesconf.org a CV and a funding justification letter before September the 15th 2016.

Main topics :

  • Molecular physics and chemistry of hydrides
  • Diffuse ISM, turbulence, and shocks
  • Cosmic rays and magnetic field
  • Extragalactic and AGN activity
  • Solid phase processes and chemistry
  • Stars and planet formation, exoplanets
  • ISM life cycle
  • Future projects

Scientific Organizing Committee
Y. Aikawa                     E. Bergin                  J. Black
P. Caselli                      M. Gerin (chair)        J. Goicoechea (chair)
E. Gonzalez-Alfonso     D. Li                         X. Michaut
D. Neufeld (chair)         K. Öberg                  E. van Dishoeck

Invited speakers
S. Aalto               M. Agundez           J. Black                            P. Caselli
I. Cleeves           E. Dartois              A. Faure                          S. Federman
D. Galli                B. Godard              E. Gonzalez-Alfonso        T. Hama
N. Indriolo          M. Kaufman            H. Kreckel                       K. Menten
K. Öberg             A. Omont               V. Ossenkopf                  K. Pontoppidan
E. Roueff             J. Tennyson           G. Tinetti                        W. Ubachs
E. van Dishoeck