Multifunctionnal device combining PET/MRI, targetting and controlled delivery of anti-cancer drug

Axe Application - Chimie de la santé

Projet de recherche mené du 01/06/14 au 31/05/15

Laboratoires co-porteurs

PET, MRI, gallium, magnetic nanoparticles, liposomes, magnetic targeting, Warburg effect


A new liposomal formulation enabling positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging was developped. The bimodality is achieved by coupling a 68Ga-based radiotracer on the bilayer of magnetic liposomes. In order to enhance the targeting properties obtained under a permanent magnetic field, a sugar moiety was added in the lipid formulation. The liposomes were produced according to a fast and safe process, with a high radiolabeling yield. MR and PET imaging were performed on mice bearing human glioblastoma tumors (U87MG) after iv injection. The accumulation of the liposomes in solid tumor is evidenced by MR imaging and the amount is evaluated in vivo and ex vivo according to PET imaging. An efficient magnetic targeting is achieved with these new magnetic liposomes.