Alkylation C(sp2 ou sp3)–H Enantiosélective / Enantioselective C(sp2 or sp3)–H Alkylation

Projet en partenariat avec Labex Synorg

Projet de post-doctorat initié le 15 oct. 2018.

Laboratoires co-porteurs
Résumé du projet

Within the frame of this collaborative project, we thus plan to design and investigate the preparation of chiral CpM (Cp: cyclopentadienyl) complexes that receive growing attention in catalysis,1 and their subsequent application in the discovery of catalytic asymmetric intermolecular C(sp2 or sp3)-H alkylation. The development of ecofriendly processes based on biocompatible transition metals (such as Co and Fe) will be also targeted in the context of sustainable chemistry.