Theses, post-docs and instrument financing

Labex MiChem member institutions have identified scientific issues of common interest for the resolution of which they carry out collective research activities. Many topics are currently the subject of collaborations within MiChem's teams and are formalized through the implementation of joint projects and the sharing of exploratory reflections.

Le cadre général

The principle

Every year, MiChem launches a call for projects for Labex research teams.


The same person can only carry one project.

For project renewals, only projects whose funding has expired before the date of the call for projects will be considered.


 The evaluation of the projects will take into account:

  • scientific quality
  • the combination of the skills of two or more MiChem teams
  • the federating and/or transversal nature
  • positioning in the national and international context.

The admissibility of projects will be examined by the Executive Committee, which will appoint a rapporteur in the Scientific Council.

The rapporteur is responsible for gathering the expertise of two experts from outside MiChem.

The Scientific Council assesses the quality of the projects, analyses the expertise and proposes motivated scores (A+, A, B, C) to the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee chooses the projects to be financed. In the event of non-selection, a report will be sent to the project leaders specifying the reasons for the decision.


MiChem's support must be indicated in any written or oral communication with the following wording: "This work was supported by the LabEx MiChem part of French state funds managed by the ANR within the Investissements d'Avenir programme under reference ANR-11-IDEX-0004-02."