Titre Axe Porteur Laboratoire Type d'AAP
Adsorption of Organic Species on Interstellar Analog Surfaces: Experiment and Theory Astro-chimie Mikhail Doronin LPMAA/LCT Thèse
Reversible Switch for Sequential Polymerization Synthèses Frida Nzulu IPCM/LCP Thèse
Computing and imaging electron dynamics in molecules Théorie Roland Guichard LCPMR Post-doc
Hierarchical polymeric assemblies with cyclodextrin dimers Synthèses Ngan Tran Diem LCP/IPCM Post-doc
Implementation of POMs for molecular memories Nanochimie Sara Derouich PECSA/IPCM/LCPMR Post-doc
On-site tracing the technology of excavated
artefacts from Qalhat (Hormuz strait)
Héritage Gulsu Simsek LADIR/Islam Médieval Post-doc
Resonant Inelastic X-ray Scattering (RIXS) spectroscopy of isolated molecules with vibrational resolution Instrument-(spectro) Marco Guarise LCPMR Post-doc
synthèse d'analogues ferrocényl à la podophylotoxine Santé Matthieu Beauperin IPCM/Charles Friedel Post-doc
Theragnosis combining ferrocenyl derivatives, carbohydrates and nano-vectors Santé Jeremy Mallinge PECSA/Charles Friedel/IPCM Post-doc
Hydration of clays: advanced environmental spectroscopies
and simulations on the atomic scale
Advanced Instrument LCPMR/PECSA Instrument
OH + H2: a route toward the water formation in
the interstellar media?
Advanced Instrument LADIR/LCPMR/LCT Instrument