Titre Axe Porteur Laboratoire Type d'AAP
Asymmetric Photoredox Catalysis For Sustainable Chemistry (Chiral PhotoCat) Synthèses/Environnement Ollivier Cyril IPCM/LCT Demi-thèse
Electrochemical reduction of CO2 with iron based molecular catalysts attached onto nanostructured carbon surfaces Nanochimie Marc Robert LEM/LCP Thèse
Functionalized Cyclodextrin Polyrotaxanes for Multimodal Imaging Santé Bernold Hasenknopf IPCM/LCP/UPCGI Thèse
Hydration of clays: advanced environmental spectroscopies and simulations on the atomic scale Environnement Virginie Marry PECSA/LCPMR Thèse
Total synthesis of the ladderane biomarker pentacycloanammoxic acid Environnement Virginie Mansuy IPCM/LCT Thèse
Anisotropy enhancement of superparamagnetic nanoparticles by magnetic molecular materials Nanochimie Jérôme Fresnais PECSA/IPCM Post-doc
Chirality Transfer from Organic Nanotubes to Platinum Luminophores Developpement/Synthèse Hani Amouri IPCM/LCP Post-doc
Development of accurate force fields for atomistic simulations of nanocrystals Developpement/théorie Johannes Richardi LM2N/LCT Post-doc
Investigation on interactions between CO2 or NO° and Si-containing molecules Environnement Emilie-Laure Zins LADIR/IPCM Post-doc
Synthesis in ionic liquids of tin-based nanoalloys as structured materials for anodic electrode of lithium ion battery Nanochimie Laurent Gaillon PECSA/LM2N Post-doc
Development of the MULTIMOLS Experiment.  Advanced Instrument Mickael Guinet LADIR/LCT/LATMOS Instrument
Study of the electronic processes occurring in ion-molecule
 collision systems of relevance in Study of the electronic processes occurring in ion-molecule collision systems of relevance in
Advanced Instrument Alain Dubois LCPMR/INSP Instrument