Titre Axe Porteur Laboratoire Type d'AAP
Tip-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy for the
Characterization of Functionalized Surfaces
Instrument Ivan Lucas LISE/IPCM/ITODYS Instrument
Binary Polyoxometalates/Magnetic nanocrystals materials Nanochimie Florence Volatron IPCM/ML2N Post-doc
Construction de métalloenzymes artificielles Environnement Michele Salmain Friedel/IPCM/LECIME Thèse
Electrochemical microscopy to control the propagation of an encapsulated oscillating reaction  Nanochimie Jean-Marc Noël ITODYS/FENIX Post-doc
High order harmonic generation in small molecules interacting with intense fields Théorie Eleonora Luppi LCT/LCPMR Post-doc
miRNA Detection for gene diagnosis: supramolecular assemblies of Superparamagnetic Nanoparticles linked by miRNA-target (miRNA-SN) Santé Jean Gamby LISE/PECSA/UPCGI Demi-Thèse
Multifunctionnal device combining PET/MRI, targetting and controlled delivery of anti-cancer drug Santé Christine Menager PECSA/Friedel/IPCM Post-doc
Multimodal MR and optic imaging using new ultramagnetic liposomes for cancer diagnosis and therapy Santé Doan Bich-Thuy  Friedel/PECSA Thèse
Nanogels for MultiCatalytic Domino Reactions Environnement Jutta Rieger LCP/IPCM Post-doc
Organic Solar cells : tuning electron energy level offsets at the anodic interface Nanochimie Ludovic Tortech IPCM/LCPMR Thèse
PEPTI-­LIFE New Therapeutic Srategy Against Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia :Overcoming Cell Death Evasion Through Small Peptide MIMICS TARGETING CD-­47 RECEPTOR Santé Philippe Karoyan LBM/IPCM Thèse
Photochemistry and Photodesorption of interstellar ices Astro/Instrument Jean-Hugues Fillion LPMAA/LCT Instrument
Self-Organized 2D or 3D Supracrystals as a New Platform for Electrochemistry Coupled to Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Nanochimie Emmanuel Maisonhaute  LISE/LM2N/LEM Thèse