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Biomolecules Induced hosting of nanoparticles for Multifunctional Platform

André-Jean Attias

Design of polymer-based theranostic agents for imaging and targeted delivery of antitumor metallodrugs - Metnanomed Santé Michele Salmain IPCM Post-doc
Encoding supramolecular polymers SupraCode Santé Matthieu Sollogoub IPCM Thèse
From Gas Phase to Solution: Effect of Solvation on the Reactivity of Palladium Catalysts
Acronyme Solv&React2
Synthèse Héloïse Dossmann IPCM Thèse
Functional materials from magnetic Nanocrystals and Polyoxometalates
Acronyme FuNaPol
Nano Florence Volatron IPCM/MONARIS/LCPMR Post-doc
Interatomic Coulombic Decay in water clusters Cœur Théorie Nicolas Sisourat LCPMR/MONARIS Post-doc
ISOtope quantification by combining NEw Spectroscopic Techniques
Acronyme ISONEST
Advanced Instrument Christof Janssen LERMA/MONARIS Instrument
Les « gumtions » : gels hybrides utilisés en peinture à l’huile / GUMtions: hybrid gels used in oil PAINTing.
Acronyme  GUMPAINT
Patrimoine Laurence De-Viguerie LAMS/LCPMR Demi-thèse
O2 Reductive Activation in bioinspired metallic complexes. An Electrochemical Approach
Acronyme ELORA
Enviro/Instru Elodie Anxolabéhère-Mallart LEM-LISE/ITODYS Thèse
Physical-Chemistry of water molecules revealed by ortho-para ratios: from laboratory to space Astro Xavier Michaut LERMA Thèse
Rational Design of Novel Strongly Active Bimetallic Nanocatalysts for Low Emission Energy Generators: Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Acronyme: BIMCATS
Environnement Ahmed Naitabdi LCPMR/MONARIS Thèse
Tuning  and switching the structure and luminescent properties of chiral  metal-functionalized hydrogen-bonded polymers Synthèse Hani Amouri IPCM Thèse
Tuning anisotropically enhanced superparamagnetic
nanoparticles via molecular grafting
Nano Jérôme Fresnais PHENIX/IPCM/IMPMC/LRS Post-doc
Simon Ayrinha IMPMC Post-doc