AxeTitreLaboratoiresPorteursType AAP
ThéoTheoretical study of double ionization/excitation (K-2V) processes induced by one or two photon absorptionLCPMRCarniato    StéphaneDoc
Instrumentation / NanoElectrochemical TERS for the characterization of optimized nanografted molecular patterns Toward single molecule analysisLISELucas    IvanDoc
Instrumentation   Time-resolved X-ray spectroelectrochemistry for the detection of reaction intermediates in the reduction of CO2 by iron porphyrins. Acronyme : CO2-TRIPSynchrotron SOLEILLasselle BenediktDoc
Synthèse / Environnement        Preparation of Biodegradable Polyesters by Tandem Reactions: Use of Metal Complexes of Silanol Functionalized Polyoxotungstates as Single CatalystsIPCMGuillemot GeoffroyPos-doc
SynthèseAlkylation C(sp2 ou sp3)–H Enantiose?lective / Enantioselective C(sp2 or sp3)–H AlkylationIPCMPetit MarcPost-doc
AstroMid-InfraRed laser platform for studies of physical-chemical properties of water: Application to atmospheres and astrophysical mediaLERMAMichaut XavierInstrument
Environnement        In Situ Growth and Characterization of Size-Selected Inverse Oxide/Metal Nanocrystal CatalystsLCPMRNaitabdi AhmedInstrument