Hydration of Organic Compounds of Astrochemical interest

Acronyme : HOrCA

Laboratoires partenaires
  • MONARIS - Laboratoire "de la Molécule aux nano-objets: Réactivité, Interaction et Spectroscopies"
    Pierre Asselin, Pascale Soulard - Equipe : Molecular complexes : weak interactions and reactivity”
    Lahouari Krim - Equipe ''Molecular species of Atmospheric and Interstellar interest"
  • Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique
    Jean-Philip Piquemal - Equipe : Multi-scale Quantum Methods for Large-size systems: Methodological Developments for Biology, Environment and Energy Applications
Présentation du projet

In planetary atmospheres, as well as in astrochemical media, hydrogen bonding may play an important role in the evolution of many chemical species by affecting their stabilities as well as their reactivities. The goal of this project is to provide an in-depth understanding of H-bonding between water aggregates and some organic compounds of astrochemical interest. Such a study will provide relevant data for use in chemical models of planetary and interstellar ices.