New Peptide-conjugates inhibitors of amyloid aggregation

Acronyme : BioPepI-A2

Laboratoires co-porteurs
  • Institut Parisien de Chimie Moléculaire (IPCM)
    Equipe : laboratoire de Chimie des Polymères
    Porteur de projet : Philippe Guégan
    Co-porteurs : Nicolas Illy, Cécile Huin
  • De la molécule aux nano-objets : réactivité, interactions et spectroscopies - Monaris
    Equipe :  Nanostructures and Dynamics of solids
    Co-porteurs : Sylvie Noinville, Aline Percot, Christophe Petit, Mathilde Chaboud
Présentation du projet

The project gathers polymer chemists and spectroscopists to analyse the aggregation of amyloid in
the presence of peptide-based inhibitor, in the vicinity of a lipid bilayer. A first part will be dedicated
to the synthesis of a peptide bioconjugate, using the amide group of the peptide as initiators. Then
aggregation of amyloid model proteins will be studied in presence of the peptide-bioconjugate, in
solution first, then in presence of the lipid bilayer to evidence the absence of pore formation.