Photochemistry and Photodesorption of interstellar ices

Laboratoires co-porteurs
  • LPMAA - « Equipe Astrophysique de laboratoire »
    J.-H. Fillion (porteur de projet)
    M. Bertin, M. Doronin, X. Michaut, L. Philippe -
  • LCT - Equipe « Chimie et Univers »
    F. Pauzat  (co-porteur)
    M. Doronin, A. Markovits, Y. Ellinger, M. Lattelais
Présentation du projet

Chemistry on cold dust grains is believed to regulate the formation of many of molecular compounds in the interstellar medium but the chemical origin of most Complex Organic Molecules (COMs) is still under debate. This project proposes to explore the surface UV photochemistry of major organic molecules by a concerted experimental/theoretical approach. The equipment requested aims at upgrading the SPICES (Surface Processes and ICES) set-up in order to investigate the photochemical effects, making it a unique tool for a complete overview of photo-induced desorption and chemistry in molecular ices. The project strongly depends on theoretical inputs from quantum chemistry, that will identify parameters standing at the center of the studied processes, and are thus necessary for the proper interpretation of the expected experimental results.