Study of the electronic processes occurring in ion-molecule collision systems of relevance in hadrontherapy.

Partenaire du projet
  • Alain DUBOIS, porteur de projet
    Laboratoire de Chimie Physique – Matière et Rayonnement
    Equipe : Dynamics of quantum systems in strong fields
  • Emily LAMOUR
    Institut des NanoSciences de Paris
    Equipe : Clusters and surfaces under strong excitations
Présentation du projet

Our project concerns the study of the electronic processes occurring in ion-molecule collisions for the impact energy domain where numerous channels are open and evenly likely. The experimental and theoretical determination of cross sections is therefore a complex task: the aim of the project is to take up this challenge and contributes to the understanding of the interaction between ions and biological matter, in relation with the development of hadrontherapy for cancer treatment.