Research projects

Launched every year since 2011, LabEx's calls for projects propose the recruitment of doctoral and post-doctoral candidates and the financing of advanced instruments.

In 2019, since its creation, MiChem has financed 30 approximately theses, 43 post-doctoral fellowships, 14 instrumental grants and participated in 2 co-financing of major instruments in fields that cover all LabEx research axes divided into two main axes:

  • core axis of chemistry: theory, synthesis, instrumentation
  • application axis: health, environment, astrochemistry, nanochemistry, heritage
Axe Théorie (Coeur de chimie)
Axe Synthèse (Coeur de chimie)
Axe Instrumentation (Coeur de chimie)
Axe Chimie de la santé (Application)
Axe Chimie et environnement (Application)
Axe Chimie interstellaire et chimie planétaire (Application)
Axe Nanochimie et nanotechnologies (Application)
Axe Chimie et patrimoine culturel (Application)