Tech transfer

Policy and objectives

MiChem's work is mainly focused on fundamental research, while affirming its desire to enhance the value of its research work.

Fundamental research and technology transfer

LabEx communicates on recovery to its member laboratories and potential industrial partners with three objectives:

1) Increase the international impact of research at UPMC and identify new industrial partners

2) Identify patentable innovations (such as new compounds and instruments) and demonstrate advanced properties at the laboratory scale that simulate actual use.

3) Enhance our expertise

The Labex results are presented in presentations at national and international conferences, which allows a direct exchange with the scientific community. All results are systematically published in order to reach a larger number of scientists.

Integration into the eco-system of innovation

The transfer to industry is done in conjunction with the Lutech Technology Transfer Acceleration Company (SATT), which strengthens MiChem's technology transfer activities by providing its critical analysis and project maturation process.

It contributes to a better visibility of the potentialities of the scientific results developed within the framework of MiChem. Lutech also plays an important role in developing a culture of partnership between MiChem researchers and the industrial world. More specifically, training courses will soon be offered to LabEx participants to integrate the technology transfer approach.